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The 8th Edition: Using Singapore event spaces creatively
3-on-3: Spontaneous pop-ups versus planned conservation

In land-scarce Singapore, event organisers have to be creative in their use of spaces. Come listen to two groups of organisers: one championing planned conservation and the other spontaneous pop-ups.

Backstage Pass by Peatix is a community event for event organisers - exchange lessons, connect with people who enable events and grow as a group.
Spontaneous Pop-ups vs. Planned Conservation
Of the two, which would you choose to do in the use of an events space?
  • Hear from the organisers of An Eminent Takeover (spontaneous pop-ups) and the Tiong Bahru Heritage Walks (planned conservation).
  • Find out how they've used spaces in Singapore creatively, and learn how you can too.
  • Decide which of the two could apply to events you organise!

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Spontaneous Pop-ups: An Eminent Takeover
Pop-up events have been all the rage in the past year, shedding light to various spaces across the island. Are pop-ups here to stay?
"To have this kind of space, and a whole building I might say, is tremendously crazy" - Razi Razak

Helmed by programme manager Elisa Lam, and curators Razi Razak and Naomi Wang, An Eminent Takeover sprung from their love for art and music and a desire to document through occupation one of Singapore's iconic buildings, Eminent Plaza. Throughout the month of September, before its imminent demolition in October, a throng of artists organically transformed what was once better known as "vice mall" into a vibrant interactive installation space.

Planned Conservation: Tiong Bahru Heritage Walks
Championing the conservation of historical spaces have been on the rise as spaces are faced with re-development. Are events an effective means to preserving spaces?

Tiong Bahru has in recent years been synonymous with being the springboard for Singapore's now ubiquitous cafe culture and local indie movement. Little known to many, however, the Tiong Bahru estate is steeped in historical significance. Think air raid shelters (you'll never guess where they are), roads named after prominent men, an old cemetery, a statue crafted by the same sculptor of the Merlion and more! Championing its preservation are Kelvin Ang, Choo Lip Sin and Carolyn Oei, who conduct regular Tiong Bahru Heritage Walks amongst other members of the Tiong Bahru Heritage Volunteers group, set up to create awareness and drive conversation of its conservation.

Meet the 3 speakers from each side!

Spontaneous Pop-ups: An Eminent Takeover
From left: Elisa Lam, Razi Razak, Naomi Wang
  • Elisa Lam having worked in advertising, production, hospitality and service, seeks to combine her random daydreams and real life skills through a diverse range of projects, collaborations and roles within to enhance experiences at every turn.
  • Razi Razak is a multi-faceted creative individual who is always looking to engage and challenge the sociality of life through work. Brand ideologist, independent music promoter and art curator. The founder of The RSC, The Rockstar Collective (2001) which now carries and adopted 7 creative brands - Identite, Statement, Canopus Distro, Crue, Fhage, Dcnstrct and Dunce. Also heads the art curation of a newly rebranded lifestyle venue, Canvas (previously a serious underground club, Home Club).
Planned Conservation: Tiong Bahru Heritage Walks
From left: Carolyn Oei, Kelvin Ang, Choo Lip Sin
  • Carolyn Oei is a Member of the Tiong Bahru Heritage Volunteers group, and the Founder/Creative Director of The Creative Voice. 2014 has been a busy year for Carolyn. She's organised and supported numerous festivals and events including Musicity Singapore 2014 (a music and spoken word festival in Tiong Bahru), Makan Matters, Singapore Night Festival, Singapore International Storytelling Festival and Lit Up 2014. When she isn't working on a festival or event, she steals time to write, in an attempt to continue to hone her craft outside of her creative consulting work. In November 2013, she was a participating artist - as part of the Market of Experiences showing - at Urbanscapes in Kuala Lumpur. Carolyn is a volunteer with Riding for the Disabled Association, a charity that provides therapeutic riding programmes for the physically and mentally disabled. She is also a dedicated Tiong Bahru resident. For more on Carolyn and The Creative Voice: www.creativevoice.sg
  • Kelvin Ang, a Founding member of the Tiong Bahru Heritage Volunteers group, and the Chairman of Seng Poh Residents Committee was born and grew up in Queenstown, a neighbourhood close to Tiong Bahru. In the 1980s and 90s, Kelvin and his family moved to other “New Towns”. His family was following a path that many others took, which was in search of “newer and better” homes. When it came time for Kelvin to decide on a home of his own, he was certain that it would have to be in a place where there were quiet streets, a wet market and a vibe of history and community. A balcony was also necessary; how else would one enjoy Singapore’s tropical air and neighbourhood clatter from the streets below? Tiong Bahru fit the bill. Kelvin credits this decision to his architectural studies in London and his work in the field of heritage conservation in Singapore.
  • Choo Lip Sin is a Member of the Tiong Bahru Heritage Volunteers group and the Editor/Research Assistant of the Singapore History Anthology Project. Lip Sin is in the midst of editing a series of books about early SIngapore history - and here we're talking the period between 1300 and 1800 C.E. At other times, he can be found attending heritage walks or events around this city (and beyond). He is interested in the heritage, people and events that belong to places and neighbourhoods, and how and why these stories get passed down for generations. He has also volunteered in the public outreach efforts for Bukit Brown. He is also one of the key people behind Pink Dot, a campaign to support the freedom to love and the LGBT people of Singapore.

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